Friday, November 11, 2011

At the moment

At the moment:

Jack playing in the neighbor's backyard while she fertilizes her lawn. Or something.

Milk chocolate peanut butter pretzel bar. My emotional fuel.

Van's toy set up on the floor. An army boat, a tow truck and a sand pail, all hooked together with a bungee cord. I dunno.

Soup simmering. Salad chilling. Bowls and plates set out on the counter.

Ethan and Van at the storage unit putting away equipment from last night's event. Which was a total success, as usual.

Jason Mraz "Live High".

Violet and her curly curls snoozing in her cozy crib.

Car loaded with supplies for the ward craft night. I am in charge of making some cool bracelets. This and this. Turns out that finding 260 hex nuts is a bit of a big deal. Caitlyn and I ended up going to some hardware warehouse and the guy asked me what in the hell I would need 260 hex nuts for. In that moment, I realized that telling him they were for bracelets would make me sound like a complete idiot. I tried to quickly think of a reasonable lie, but failed. So I told him it was for a church craft night making bracelets. He looked at me like I thought he would. "Really lady?"

Jack's spelling test is on the kitchen table. 100% baby! That's my boy! Also on the table are crumbs from a pumpkin sugar cookie from Kneaders. The best part of having a husband that is self-employed is being able to let him sleep in after a late late night and then waking him up to tell him he is taking me and my children to lunch. A delightful lunch of a veggie sandwich and chocolate cupcake.

Nothing special going on for 11/11/11. Barely realized it happened.

BTW, my family totally copies me and posts their own "At the moment" posts. It should be known that I AM THE ORIGINAL! They are all freaking copy cats.

But I do invite you to do your own.

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