Thursday, November 17, 2011

At the moment

Floors are cleaned up and vacuumed, the two littles are bathed, homework is done, dinner is doing it's thing and it's only 6pm. Sometimes, I am on my A-game. Sometimes not.

Jack said, "Remember when you had your hair in a bun the other day and then you have it long and pretty today? I only like your hair long and pretty." How is it that he even has a preference?

Jack's school class write each other letters to practice writing. He has had some really great ones come home in his backpack. Todays said, "Dear Jack, You are Jack."

Violet is doing that thing 18 month old babies do. They follow you around and hold their arms up, wanting to be picked up. You pick them up and then they lunge themselves toward the floor, wanting you to put them down. You grant their wish and then they just want to be picked up again so they can do it all over again. WHY DO THEY DO THIS??? A sippy cup of warm skim milk solved the problem.

Jack and Van are drawing pictures to send to Grandma Ingram in California. They owe her. She sent them an amazing Halloween box. Cool, creepy candy, homesewn Halloween pillow cases, Halloween flashlights. She always does it up right.

I am making lists and plans for Thanksgiving Week. In a bittersweet blessing, Ethan has been summoned to Southern California to cater Thanksgiving dinner for some clients. And their bundles of money were too enticing to turn down the job. So it will be and my littles all week and I am trying really hard to have a good attitude about it. I have been putting together ideas of things for us to do while Jack is out of school for the holiday break to keep us busy.

I have a new niece as of yesterday. She isn't quite named yet, but she is safe and sound and healthy. Moving away from Southern California a few years ago was hard but the hard things have faded as time has gone on. One hard thing that has remained and I doubt will ever go away is how much it kills me to not be around when my sisters in-law have new babies. I wish I was there to help with meals and their children. I wish I was there to visit them in the hospital and hold their new babies. It seems to get harder each time a new little one joins the family. If I think about it long enough, I get emotional.

Tonight after I put my people to bed, I am going to mess up my kitchen a lot. Food shoot tomorrow and I am doing all my food prep tonight. And I am kind of excited to cook in silence.

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