Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mallory Robin Bouquet Sale

I have 5 sisters. I am number 2. 6 girls in my family and no boys. Growing up, that aspect of my family was always a sense of pride for me. "How many kids are in your family?" "6 girls, no boys." I have maybe said that 1,000 times in my life.

All of us girls are very different. If we could combine all of our diverse, wonderful qualities, we could easily create the perfect woman, both in personality and appearance. Today I get to brag about one of my sisters. Sister number five. Mallory. 

I stole these images from Ashley Thalman's website. I hope she doesn't get mad at me.
But remember Ash, I did give you that artichoke recipe pre-cookbook release. Just sayin'. 
Mallory is an absolute babe. She is the tallest of all of us and slender with perfect curves. She has perfect skin and hair down to the middle of her back. She has always had impeccable style in both decor and clothing. She has always been way too cool for everyone around her. If you met her, you wouldn't believe that she is my sister. 

What makes Mallory unique and cool is that she is a real-live artist. Like with a studio covered in paint splatters, colorful tubes of oil paint and long fancy brushes. Most of her pieces are enormous. Like the canvas can't fit in her car. The walls of her studio are covered in magazine clippings, cool fabric patterns, handmade stencils and photographs. Her studio is really an extension of her personality. In fact, when her husband Nick walked into her studio for the first time when they were dating, it took his breath away. In that moment, he fell hard for Mal. 

A few years ago, Mallory stopped working and decided to make painting her full time job. And once she made that decision, she dove in whole-heartedly. Soon after, she finally put up a website so more people could see her art and purchase their favorites. One of her most popular series is her florals. Bright colors, abstract shapes and creative arrangements. It's these paintings that I often find myself scrolling through on her website. 

Today and hopefully the next few Thursdays, Mallory will have a bouquet sale. All her floral paintings 20% off. This is a great chance to buy some real art. Not some cliche print from Ikea or Target. A real oil painting with texture and shape and vibrant color. Something that can be a centerpiece and not a wall cover. If anything, you now know my sister's website and you can just enjoy all the eye candy.

Click HERE to go to Mal's website. Under paintings, click on "Flowers". Find the one you like and then fill out a contact form to ask Mallory if your favorite print is still available. 

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