Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Meekly Weal Plan

So you are wondering how our almost-vegetarian week went. It went well, except for my husband hassling me about it a lot. Just because a potato soup doesn't have bacon in it doesn't mean it doesn't taste amazing. My children loved the tortilla and black bean pie. It was a big big hit. I highly recommend it for you and yours.

This week, we have a few appearances of meat. To cut out meat for our other meals, I won't be buying any breakfast bacon or lunch time deli meats. Ever tried an avocado tomato sandwich? Delicious! You will not miss the meat.

Tuesday: Chicken chile verde enchilada bake and Mexican rice.

Wednesday: Refried beans and Mexican rice leftover from Tuesday with cheese quesadillas.

Thursday: Spaghetti with roasted vegetable tomato sauce and baked garlic bread. 

Friday: Thai massaman curry with quinoa. Using THIS recipe, but substituting the yellow curry paste for massaman curry paste because that is what I have. I am also using carrots instead of baby corn because baby corn is creepy. And then using quinoa instead of rice. Good way to get my littles to eat their grains. If it snows like it is supposed to on Friday, this will be the perfect warm bowl of heaven to have for dinner.

Saturday: Black bean and ham bone soup and romaine salad. Ethan had a holiday food tasting and had most of the ham and the bone leftover. YIPEE! It went into the freezer until I was ready to use it. And I am now. Soup made with a ham bone is so much better than any soup made without it. ANY SOUP.

Sunday: Sunday dinner at my parent's. I am making chili. Two kinds. My usual beef and bean chili and then a vegetarian one. Other accompaniments are green salad and fry bread.

This week, I am also working on some frozen dessert recipes for my cookbook. A berry ice cream and a tropical sorbet.  Should be fun.


  1. I too am making chicken enchiladas and mexican rice for dinner tonight! (I'm guessing yours is probably a bit more healthy though :)

  2. Howcome I can't read rookie cookie anymore?

  3. I thought about your meatless meal plan when I saw the tortilla and black bean pie recipe on Twitter. I'm so glad you tried it and loved it! Both my sister and I made it last week. I think between us we've eaten it 7 times in a 5-day period. I was amazing. I didn't use beer, just water. I told my sis that if I could find more recipes with that much flavor, I could go meatless all the time!