Monday, November 28, 2011

Meekly Weal Plan

More forays into less meat eating. We will have meat once this week- chicken saltimbocca. Otherwise, I am sticking to my guns and not cooking any meat. I am also using other people's recipes a lot. Usually, I just do my own thing, but for some reason, I am feeling like following someone else's ideas. Lots of link below.

Monday: Baked nachos with corn, black beans and green chiles. My children's favorite. I make a big pan of nachos and then set it on the table and everyone just goes at it like animals.

Tuesday: Sesame udon noodles with steamed broccoli. Going to add edamame to the noodles.

Wednesday: Potato and black bean enchiladas with Mexican rice. Gonna follow Sweet Pea's suggestion of spinach added in.

Thursday: Thai massaman curry with quinoa. No chicken in this but just potatoes, carrots and onions. I made this a few weeks ago and it vanished from Jack's bowl at a record breaking pace.

Friday: Chicken saltimbocca with lemon sauce and couscous. I am not going to use white wine like the recipe calls for- just all chicken stock. Generally, a good substitute for wine in recipes is stock. But if the amount is something as small as 2 tablespoons, like this recipe, just eliminate a substitute all together.

Saturday: Veggie pad thai. Currently hating myself for just throwing away my jar of tamarind paste last week. Off to the asian market I go. Southeast Market is my favorite asian market. It's in Salt Lake by Liberty Park. They have the best selection and prices. Like cans of curry paste for 50 cents and udon noodles for $1.

Sunday: Fettuccine with tomato cream sauce and braised kale. And dessert. Chocolate cream pie. A favorite of my two little boys.


  1. I'll get mine posted later. I feel like I need to go on a detox from meat and cream sauces. Except I want to make potato corn chowder. Hmmm...

  2. Great meal plan girl! I hear ya on the meat...

  3. mmmmmmmm .... i should go to a meal plan ... you've inspired me whit!!!