Monday, November 7, 2011


Ethan returned home last night from being in California for a couple of days. They were pretty horrible at the end seeing as Van decided to turn on the Terrible to full power. Once Ethan was home, he was everyone's favorite family member.

This morning, the children sat on our bed waiting for Ethan to get dressed so they could all sit at his feet (as screwed up as they are) and worship him. It was a jolly time, as Ethan held court and each child vied for his affection and adoration. Joke telling, trick showing and impressive farting impersonations. And then Violet stole all of his attention. At this moment in time, she decided to walk. Slow and shakey, yet determined. We all were amazed. She would take a few steps, teeter, take a few more steps and then fall on her bum. Then she would get back up and try it again. Over and over. For over an hour. We cheered, clapped and video-taped. Jack wrote me a love note for giving birth to her (Dere Mom and Vilite, I love that you had Vilite becase Vitlite is walking.) and Van kept hugging me and Ethan simultaneously. For the rest of the day, Violet spent her time walking all around the house pushing her baby stroller. It is very surreal for me. I have pictured her doing that so many times and then here she is. Her blond curls held out of her pretty face with a green bow, shakey strolling around the house.

The biggest deal with all of this for me isn't that she walked. It's that God answered my prayers in the hugest way possible. This moment could have happened while Ethan was out of town or while Jack was at school. But it didn't. It happened in a rare moment where I had planned on letting Jack be late to school and Ethan didn't have to rush out the door to a work appointment. Together, as a family, we got to see something amazing. I had spent many many moments praying out loud and in my heart that Violet would walk soon and ease my fears of her delayed development. But never did I pray that we would all see it together. People, God loves my family. I know it now more than ever.


  1. We had a huge prayer answered in our family today, too. I'm so grateful that God hears and answers our prayers just they way we need him to. Yay for Violet walking!

  2. SO AWESOME!!!! That is so true. the lord really does know us so very well. give your little one and squeeze and tell her to show Davy how it's done!

  3. I love those moments that make us so aware of his knowledge of us. Hooray for your sweet girl!