Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two lists

A first. We met another Van. We have never met another Van. Until today. He was probably 5 years old and his mother and I talked about how cool we are for using such an old name. And that we don't spell it weird. I will admit that once, when asked for the 50th time how I spell Van's name, I responded with, "Vhanne". But I only did that once.

We met the other Van at the library, which we sufficiently inflicted our noise on. But once home, there was silence. Happy is the home that has a new load of 30+ library books, for it is exceedingly quiet. While I prepped dinner, all three were reading. Ahhhhhhh. Speaking of dinner, I made my children's favorite. Paula Deen's barbecue meat loaf. I have made it dozens of times and it never gets old. It's what Jack's requests on birthdays and such. My changes are as follows:

  • I use 2 pounds of ground beef. BTW, Draper Harmon's has local grass-fed beef right now from a ranch in Springville. We have used it a few times and it has such great beefy flavor. I highly recommend it. 
  • I only use half an onion and I saute it in olive oil before adding it to the mix. 
  • I cook it for 10-15 minutes extra to get to the right internal temp. 

With the meat loaf, we also had steamed cauliflower and Violet was a big fan. Who knew she would like cauliflower so much?

I just finished "Brother and Sisters" last night. Seasons 4 and 5 were.... eh.... okay. It seemed that the writing got a little lazy after the third season. But I did enjoy the huge drama of Michelle lying about the miscarriage and keeping the baby! SHOCKER! Overall, it was a good show to fold laundry too. Any suggestions for the next show I should get into? My criteria goes as follows:

  • It has to be streaming on Netflix.
  • It can't be slutty. Like no "Gossip Girl". 
  • I hate shows with lots of cheating. I just tried the first episode of "Mad Men" and was totally turned off by all the infidelity in just the first episode. Blah. 
  • It can't be one of those 20 minute comedies like "Parks and Rec" or "The Office". I can't watch those without Ethan. I feel like if I am laughing that hard and he isn't here to laugh with me, I am basically cheating on him. 

So knowing my criteria, I would love some show suggestions. I need to watch something while I fold the everlasting hills of laundry I have.


  1. I'll bet the other Van is my nephew. Was the mom's name Emily?

    Thanks for the Harmon's tip. I think we'll be having meatloaf for Thanksgiving.

  2. Psych. Our favorite show. We have all five seasons on DVD. Although, you might have to watch that one with Ethan too because it's hilarious. Happy Turkey Day.

  3. psych is pretty funny but yeah you might want to save that for the both of you.

    we like two kinda creepy shows...dexter and sons of anarchy. both pretty violent so you might want to pass.

    i feel like i'm forgetting something really great to suggest. i'll try to remember and let you know. ps i like the name van quite a bit.

  4. I lobed Eli Stone but it only lasted two seasons, much to my dismay.

  5. Castle. Or Burn Notice. Definitely those.

  6. scrubs. psych. bones. adam and i are on to 24 now. and i watch numbers sometimes. lie to me was pretty good. and my kids and i used to watch cake boss together. yes, i have a lot of time on my hands at night while adam is working his 30 hour shifts...don't judge. i heard fri night lights was good but fell asleep in the first 10 min and never went back.

  7. Do you watch Parenthood? I love it. Now I think one of the storylines in the beg. turned people off. One of the storlines (a small one) was about a teenage boy that was going through puberty and they had to talk about masturbation. So there that is. But that storyline doesn't last that long. Anyways, I really don't like too many shows but I love this one. Also my husband and I have been staying up and watching News Radio...some people missed out on that show! It's awesome.

  8. I love Psych too :) Kinda corny sometimes and sometimes the acting isn't the best...but man we love it!!

    (btw this is vanessa brown, stupid google account doesn't leave my name right)

  9. The Good Wife and Revenge. Both involve some cheating, but that seems to be how life goes for people today. Both shows are delicious, though.