Saturday, November 26, 2011


Yesterday, texting with Ethan went like this:

Me: Good luck tonight. I hope all goes smoothly. And btw, tomorrow, I will be leaving and going somewhere, anywhere, alone without children for a few hours. Without any screaming, tattling, whining, fighting children. 

Ethan: That's cool. Who's babysitting though? 

Me: Oh, that's hilarious. 

I had had the children all to myself for 6 days and was able to get my fill. So to Target I will go today. I will be finishing up the stocking stuffers for my children and then after that, Christmas is pretty much done. Glory be! Christmas gifts have been showing up on my door step every other day. I got wise and found every free shipping and discount coupon around and got some great deal on everything for my children. The tricky part has been hiding the gifts. For now, I have everything in a big box in the garage and I laugh inside every time I see one of the boys walk right past it and not know what is inside. Christmas will be complete as soon as I finish writing the Christmas cards and order our family photo. Then, I can enjoy the month.

This morning was Saturday jobs. Van finishes his jobs, comes downstairs and says, "Okay, I am done with my jobs! Now what do I get?" And quick on the draw, I responded, "To be in our family." Service is the price you pay for the space you occupy, dear son.

Oh, Thanksgiving was grand, BTW. Even though Ethan was gone, my sisters and I had a great time. My BIL Jon wanted to make everything, which was fine by me. He is currently gearing up for the last of his classes at the Art Institute's culinary arts program (jealous) and he is a whiz bang of a chef. A beautiful, golden brined turkey, bourbon sweet potatoes topped with pecan granola, bacon brussel sprouts, mushroom, sausage and herb stuffing, gorgeous mashed potatoes and perfect (and I mean perfect) gravy. Luckily, there were plenty of leftovers so we got to have Thanksgiving again last night. Some families fight over the last piece of chocolate fudge cake or crispy bacon. Us? We fight over the last ladle of gravy. And last night was no exception. That gravy was superb.

Speaking of my BIL Jon, you should visit the restaurant he manages in South Jordan. Sweet Home Chicago Pizzeria at The District, right by the movie theater. Some of the best pizza around. My favorite is the veggie pizza. Tell him Whitney sent you and he will give you your meal for free. But not really.


  1. The Don.

    You're missing out otherwise.

  2. i love your answer to van. i need to give wendy some more "jobs" around here.