Tuesday, December 13, 2011

At the moment

SNOW! There is snow outside. Ethan looked at it and flipped it off in his mind. I pulled all the blinds up so we can watch it fall from the sky. Violet sat next to the glass door and rocked back and forth and hummed to herself as she watched the snow. Jack made plans to make giant snowballs at school with his friends during recess. Van cried because I wouldn't let him go outside in it in his pajamas. The general opinion around here is that snow is good.

Van is playing with Ethan's electric foot massager. In fact, Ethan woke up to Van ripped his sheets off and rubbing the foot massager all over his feet.

Violet is carrying my keys around the house and saying "bye bye!". She is also wearing a purple t-shirt dress and gray leggings. And she has her hair up in a side pony tail. She looks very Whitney ala 3rd grade.

Ethan is gearing up for another day of event catering. You people wouldn't believe how many engaged couples wait until the last minute to book a caterer. Like yesterday he booked a wedding reception for this Friday.

Since there is snow and I don't feel like battling it, we won't be going anywhere today. Today will be laundry folding, laundry washing, book reading, naps, dinner prepping and wheat grinding. Yes, wheat grinding. I borrowed my mom's fancy wheat grinder and we will be making whole wheat flour. The thing sounds like a jet engine and makes Violet cry when I turn it on.

Some of the Christmas tree lights are out. Thanks Violet. Maybe I should turn on the wheat grinder just for fun so we are even.

I really want to go up to Salt Lake to the Grand America Hotel and see the holiday windows and get fancy candy at their fancy candy store. Ideally, I would stay there with Ethan and eat at their fancy restaurant.

On Thursday is Jack's school Christmas Sing. He is quite excited. It's sort of a big deal. Does anyone know if he is supposed to wear his Sunday best like last year?

And excuse me, but these two are pretty cute.

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