Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas came!

It just didn't seem like Christmas until I got these in the mail.

Aunt Jenn's Christmas cookies. We get these every year and we all fight over them until they are gone, like 3 days later. Ethan likes the white ones, I like the chocolate ones. The children like whatever is thrown at them.

Once Christmas came in the mail, I officially started planning our holiday menu. It goes as follows:

Christmas Eve:
Herb roasted chicken, gravy, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts with browned butter and also some bubbly to drink. Some of the divine pear Kristian Regale. Mmmm.

Christmas Morning:
Scrambled eggs, candied bacon, blueberry lemon muffins and clementines.

Christmas Lunch:
Our grande sandwich buffet. Fancy meats and cheeses, veggies galore, spreads, breads and good chips. Ingram's love a good sandwich spread.

Christmas Dinner:
Grandma Sue and Grandpa Jack's house!

There is a small glitch in the system. Ethan won't be here on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. I know, poor us. But also, lucky us. He has been blessed with almost more work than he can handle. This holiday season has been very busy and we haven't seen much of him and we couldn't be more thankful because that means his business has a chance to grow. Apart of that is him flying to Southern California to chef it up for some wealthy clients on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas morning, we will drive to the airport to pick him up. While we are gone, Santa/neighbor will be placing all the gifts in our living room so we can open gifts with Daddy Dearest.

While this isn't the traditional way of doing things, I am kind of enjoying the idea of us going to get Ethan on Christmas morning. It's a good memory for all of us. It also makes me laugh because it seems like our little family can't ever do things the way everyone else does. It's us that get cigarette butts in our trick-or-treat bags. It's us that have our house ransacked by thieves looking for prescription pain medication. And of course it is us that have a daddy that doesn't go to court on his court date and he has a warrant and gets arrested and goes to jail. Didn't know that story? Maybe I will retell it someday. It's a goody.

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  1. I made candied bacon for the first time this year for breakfast and I don't think it turned out like it should. Going to try again...