Saturday, December 10, 2011


What do you do when you have a great day? You blog about it so you don't forget it. So that is what I am here to do.

Today. Today was just great. The type of day I wish we could have everyday. But alas, life is real and so are responsibilities and we can't just have fun and food all the time.

We started the day by sleeping in until 8:30am. That is a BIG deal. This house is usually rockin' and rollin' by 7:00am. But not today! Why, 8:30am rolled around and where was I? Not in the kitchen cleaning up breakfast. I was in bed with my lover and we were just waking up. But no canoodling involved. Children were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

All were dressed and brushed and then we got in the car and drove to Kneaders for some of that magical syrup of theirs and their buttery cinnamon French toast. And instead of eating the whipped cream with a spoon, Violet dug her little paws into the cup and just ate it by the handful. BTW, Kneaders has some of the most amazing cute Christmas decor that I want to put all over my house.

Once breakfast was over, we went to Target to exchange some shirts for Jack (one superhero, one with marshmallows wearing sunglasses and sitting in a hot chocolate hot tub). While in the checkout line, our children were admiring the Zhu Zhu pets on clearance. An old woman saw then admiring and immediately told Ethan that he needed to buy them for our children RIGHT NOW. Our boys looked right at him, with their pleading eyes. He agreed, because he is a sucker. For agreeing to buy them, the old women kissed Ethan on the cheek three times and hugged him. WHAT? It was adorable, she was weird.

Once home, music was turned on loud and the Saturday jobs commenced. Ethan manned the vacuum, Jack the upstairs bathroom, Van the doorknobs and me the kitchen. All Violet did was laugh and scream at her Zhu Zhu pet. Not very helpful.

The rest of the afternoon was a mix of naps, Coke Zero, me beating Jack at basketball in the cul-de-sac, laundry and cupcakes. I felt like making cupcakes and I never feel like making cupcakes. Ethan determined I should do chocolate with peppermint frosting. They looked perfect. The trick is using the piping bag and piping tips from the restaurant supply store. They are HUGE and make for dramatic frosting. Want me to get you some? I will. Just lemme know. I am special. I get a discount at the restaurant supply store because my husband is a caterer.

The afternoon also included Ethan and the boys taking our old, broken Playstation into the road and throwing it around and breaking it. Why do boys do that? Why can't they just throw away a broken DVD player or cell phone. Why do they have to beat it up with a hammer or throw it in the air? Like the TV Van broke a while back? It's in our storage unit, waiting for when Ethan takes it to the desert and shoots the hell out of it with his gun. Why???

Dinner was delicious. Grilled pork chops seasoned with Spade L, steamed broccoli, herb rice pilaf and cupcakes for dessert. Violet has a new word. "Bucake". She eats her cupcake so daintily. Just little bites at a time. She doesn't make a big mess. I love having a little girl.

Dinner cleaned up, our people bathed and we were off to the Christmas lights at Thanksgiving Point. They weren't anything special, especially for the LONG line we waited in. But the children loved it and that is why we do things like that.

Now they are all asleep, snug in their bed with visions of cupcakes dancing in their heads. Gosh, it was nice to have a husband today. No events to prepare for, no phone calls to make. He was just all ours for the day and it was fantastic. When there are days that Ethan gets to be a dad to his children and doesn't have to work, I see him in his fatherly element and find him so attractive. Now we move onto next week and there are 5 events to prepare for and cater. So at least we got to enjoy him for the day!

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