Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A love letter to my mom

Dear Mom,

Today my house was a disaster. Dishes piled in my tiny kitchen sink, clothes, papers, food and toys all over the floor in every room. My room had a mountain of clean laundry stacked at the end of my bed and my bathroom looked like a bathroom shared by 6 teenage boys that hadn't been cleaned in 2 months. There was mail all over the counter and garbage spilling out of the trashcan. It was just bad. After feeding my two little people lunch and putting them in their beds for naps, I looked around and decided to fix everything. So I made a list of what to do, put on my headphones and turned up my music and got busy. I mopped, vacuumed, straightened, repaired, dusted, folded, organized, wiped and shined my house in an hour and half. Now, all is well. It's clean and organized and tidy. The dishwasher is humming and so is the washing machine.

As I was cleaning my house, I thought of you. I thought of how I know how to do all this because of you. I know how to run a tight ship and how to teach my children to as well. I know how to make my home clean and comfortable and organized. And it's because of you that I know this. I know how to maintain all my hardwork. I know lots of people that can clean and such, but not many know how to keep it that way. I do. Because you showed me through example and through teaching. Thank you so much. Your skills were passed to me and I will pass them to my children.

I love you so much.

Love, Whitney


  1. I LOVE IT. Thanks Sue. Now come mop my floors. They're still bombed, haven't made it that far today.

    ps I ate that cheesecake for dinner, it was derishious.

  2. This is great. I cannot relate to it, not even a little bit, but I like that you have good experiences here.

  3. I loved this Whitney!! I just posted it on my mom's wall, I said I didn't write but it's exactly how I feel. My mom was amazing and everything good thing I do I credit to her.