Thursday, December 1, 2011


I am on my computer because I need to look on KSL Classifieds for a new book case. We just broke ours while trying to move it so the Christmas tree can take it's place. Sad we broke it. Happy we have so many books that made it break.

This morning, I went upstairs to wake up Ethan who was snug in our bed. I rubbed his back and whispered in his ear that it is December 1st and he needs to wake up and get dressed because he is going to take us to buy a Christmas tree. He has been insistent upon waiting until December to get a tree. Lame. I have been ready since a week before Thanksgiving. But in my zeal, I got overly excited and demanded we get "the tallest tree we have ever had!" Well, it is too tall and we won't be having a star or anything of the like on top this year. I feel a little like Mr. Willowby. Do you know about Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree? One of my favorite Christmas books. Get it.

At the moment, I have a mess on my lunch plate. Potato and black bean enchiladas and some Mexican rice leftover from dinner last night and it's all dressed with some good salsa (Amy's Organic. Try it). Honestly, I don't know where the meat would fit in with this meal. With everything I stuffed in these enchiladas that makes this taste so good, there is no room for chicken or beef. People, I think I might be a vegetarian soon. And my children will be coming along with me while my husband sits on the side of the road and chews on a T-bone.


  1. Except for steak and cake and chicken and dumplings, I'm with you.

  2. Love that book. My husband bought it for our first Christmas together. His mom would read it to his siblings and him when he was little. It's tradition to read it at our house now.

  3. go girl! you're so neat for not eating

  4. oh yes me girls and I could be veggies so fast...just don't know if I want to leave my hubby behind or not!