Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today shall be Wednesday. School is out and as I type this, my three littles are eating breakfast. Some smoothies, some toast, some honey cereal (honey nut Cheerios). Once breakfast has been complete, I will clean it all up and then get everyone dressed. Van has gymnastics this morning and Jack gets to come. Jack has planned to get in some exercise and run on the track while Van does summersaults and gets in trouble for running around the gym and not listening to the teacher. Violet will spend the time walking around and getting compliments on her curls and her purple Chuck Taylor's.

After gymnastics, we will go to Target and buy batteries for the pending Christmas toys and also pick up some little gift for our cute babysitters we love so dearly. We will also buy the children's Christmas ornaments. I have really been a slacker on that one.

After Target, home we will go and I will make lunch. For me, a tomato, avocado and sprout sandwich (my latest lunchtime addiction) and for the children, I will make hot chicken and cheese sandwiches. This is technically a grilled cheese with thin slices of chicken breast inside. Most likely, Jack will want to dip his sandwich in barbecue sauce.

After lunch, I will put the two littlest down for naps in their beds. Violet will welcome the nap, Van, not so much. When I present him with the idea of a nap, he will yell at me and tell me he doesn't take naps anymore. But then, once I get him snug in his covers in bed, he will smile his big smile and curl up with his gee-gee (his blanket) and go to sleep.

While they nap, Jack will have quiet time. Most likely, he will make a train set and watch a movie. He also might work some more on his poster for his toothpaste stand he plans to construct. I am not completely sure how he is going to do it, but I do know that at Target today, he has asked that I buy 12 little tubes of toothpaste. Me? I will maybe take a nap. Or paint my nails. Or prep dinner. Or wrap Christmas presents. Or read a book. Currently, I am finishing up "A Christmas Carol" and it has proven to be delightful. Charles Dickens was a hell of a writer.

Once naps and quiet time have been completed, it will be snack time. Maybe popcorn? Or maybe polish off the last of the clementines? Not sure yet. Most likely, a big glass of milk will be in order for Van and Jack. They love milk.

The rest of the afternoon will be lots of toys, book, coloring, movies and probably fighting. And the fighting will most likely start with Van. He is a bit of an irritant. He will be spending some time in time out and will need lots of hugs as he cries and says, "Mom, I am having a hard time."

Dinner will be tacos, Mexican rice and guacamole. For the children, I have some boneless, skinless chicken thighs. BTW, don't ever make tacos with chicken breasts. It just isn't good. Try chicken thighs. I won't be having chicken, for I am cutting out lots of meat from my diet. I will be having red bell peppers, corn and zucchini. Oh I can't wait! When I told Ethan that was my dinner, he couldn't have looked more disgusted.

Speaking of Ethan, today the man has two events. Both Christmas parties for various businesses. He was out the door by 7:30am this morning. Bless him and his hard work ethic. Really, bless him.

After dinner is through and cleaned, all three will head upstairs and I will bathe and shower them. Violet will head straight to bed after that and we will all stand around her crib and say good night. She will clutch her bee-wee (her blanket), suck her thumb and go to sleep.

The boys will have some extra time before bed and they will probably color or play trains. If they are extra good, they might get some type of treat.

Today will be a good day. I can feel it. Productive, patient and fun. Please bless I am right.

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  1. I want to be like you.
    No, I mean it.

    My blog has truly become a place of "scrap booking" (Read: prepare for Piper overload) and these daily things are the things I want to remember.

    Purple Chuck Taylors. I'm jealous.