Monday, January 16, 2012

At the moment

Ethan and his barfy self are resting on the couch. He was in and out of bed all night, running to the bathroom. I am sure I am jumping the gun here, but I am pretty sure the rest of us won't get it. The children and I are heavily into probiotics right now and I have been good about disinfecting door knobs and such and using a lot of hand sanitizer. We have had a fairly healthy winter thus far.

Jack is playing Temple Run on my phone. My sister Caitlyn said I needed to play it because all the cool kids are, so I downloaded it. But Jack is the one who is playing it, not me. He is cool, I am not.

The two littles just got put down for naps. Before Violet fell asleep, she was shrieking in a terrified manner. I went upstairs to inspect the demon that had to have been in her room, but alas, it was just that she had dropped her blanket out of her crib.

The oven is baking off some granola. I decided to not buy cereal this week and just have us eat granola for breakfast. My boys love the stuff, I have just been to lazy to make it. This batch will have peanuts, pecans, almonds, raisins and dried apples. Also something they like is hard-boiled eggs and I just finished boiling a dozen of those. Hard-boiled eggs are like drugs for Van. He just can't leave them alone. He ate 5 of them for dinner the other night. Just hard-boiled eggs and nothing else. Kinda gross.

My kitchen is a disaster from making granola, because had Jack help. Kids help in kitchen=kitchen way messier than necessary.

I am missing my afternoon naps with infant Violet. In her first few months, both of the boys were still taking naps. I would get Van put down in his bed and then I would have Jack sleep with me in mine. Violet would be wedged in between me and Jack and we would snooze. For hours. When we would wake up, she would be soaked in sweat from being bundled and snuggled and she would get an afternoon bath. It was just the best. Lately, I am having some stark realities hit me. Last time using the high chair. Last time using the crib. While I am a little sad, I am totally okay with it. That part of my life has come and gone and it was just beautiful.

The sun is shining brightly, but it is a facade. It's freezing. If it has to be this cold, please snow! I am not looking forward to the summer water rationing. But I am looking forward to much much less mosquitos.

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  1. Triple freaks out all the time like that because he throws his paci over the side. It maketh me so ANGRY!