Monday, January 23, 2012

At the moment

At the moment:

My jeans are too loose. I only own two pairs of jeans at a time. One blue, one black. I haven't need for any others. My black ones are sliding down my hips. That can be a good thing, but not. They were expensive and I don't want to think about dropping more cash on a new, smaller pair.

The counter is covered in my weekly grocery store load. Most things are put away, but the celery and radishes are waiting to be chopped and put into water in the fridge for quick snacks. The stove has a dozen eggs hard-boiling because this family has an addiction to hard-boiled eggs. And I also have all the makings for our weekly granola ready to be put to use. This week, I am giving into my children and not putting in any dried fruit. Bottom line, that hate it. They just pick it out. So no fruit anymore.

Chicken thighs are thawing in the sink, ready to be used for some Thai chicken curry soup. I am going to share this recipe this week. It's a goodie.

I am watching Giada on TV. Her house just kills me.

My brain is trying to wrap itself around the big task for this week. I have to make three soups for an event for Ethan this weekend. Soup from scratch for your family can be a production. Three soups for over 100 people can also be a production. I am thinking the key is going to be doing prep throughout the week. Roast the chicken, roast the tomatoes, chop all the vegetables. I CAN DO THIS! Right?

I can't get my mind off the little kid grocery cart for sale at the grocery store. I want Violet to have it so bad. Maybe I can justify it by getting it now and saving it for her 2nd birthday in May?

Contemplating Family Home Evening. I think we are going to talk about Nephi and his family.

This morning, Van was emotionally beside himself because he wanted gummy bears instead of oatmeal. He was literally begging Ethan to drive to the gas station to get him gummy bears. At 8:30am. It seemed so logical to him. The boy was alone in his principals.

Speaking of principals, I went to Jack's class today to help with whatever his teacher needs. She needed help putting together the scripts for the short plays the class is doing. And that amazing woman gave Jack the part of the troll in "Three Billy Goats Gruff". He is going to ROCK it.


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  2. i heard giada rents homes all over. get yours in shape and submit it and you too can ooh and ahhh over 'her' house. and you will be a great success at the soup factory. i mean who really needs sleep...and i'm with Van..gummies, gummies,

  3. Your jeans are too loose because you're awesome, that's what.

    Giada can suck it.