Monday, January 30, 2012

At the moment

An empty bowl is next to me. It was full of delicious leftover chili from last night's dinner. Good good lunch. In between my typing hands is my water cup and I occasionally bend down little for a sip.

The fruit bowl in front of me is filled to the brim. It always is on Monday's- the day I go to the grocery store. By Saturday, it will look empty and pathetic.

Van is currently clocking in some daddy time. Van has had a rough day. He is a very emotional little boy. He gets so emotional sometimes that it takes a few hours to get him back to his old normal self. He loves and cries with his whole heart.

My sister is moving today. About 2 minutes away from me. It will be so nice to have her so close.

My entire Peterson family is having a Ailing Grandma Betty is getting ready to go home to her Father and Creator. I have found myself reflecting quite a bit today. Thinking about the times I have had with her. What I have learned from her.

Currently so irritated by anything that comes out of Newt Gingrich's mouth. Colonize on the moon??? He is delusional.

Violet is wearing stripes and skinny jeans. She is such a hipster.

Getting geared up to try making whoopies pies for the first time. Going classic. Chocolate with white filling. Going to use THIS recipe.

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