Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cantaloupe Agua Fresca

I should be typing up my recipes right now from today's photoshoot, but I am not. Today's shoot went very well. Sheen and I have finally gotten this thing down. We can photograph 6 recipes in an hour and a half. It's hilarious to think how it used to in back when we first started a year ago. 2 recipes in like 4 hours? Yeah. Today's menu was beautiful:

-Raspberry ice cream with chocolate
-Grilled flatbread with goat cheese, fennel and roasted red peppers
-Grilled tomato and onion crostinis with basil oil
-Cantaloupe agua fresca
-Spiced pear cheesecake
-Slow-cooker apple cider

I used to be nervous about writing exactly what recipes I am working on for fear some hack would steal my idea and it would show up on some stupid food blog. But I actually don't care anymore. I dare you to copy my idea and make it as good as I did. Ooh, I sound like such a brat. Plus, that kind of stuff is just fuel for Megan's ferocious typing tongue. She would rip them apart for me, like any good bulldog would.

Getting ready for a food photoshoot like this takes loads of time and planning. I shopped and prepped most of the food yesterday and was up early today to get things ready so that the shoot goes smoothly. Most would think this is torture, but I just love it. One of the many things I have learned in this cookbook process is how to cook lots of things at once.

***After going back and proofreading this post, I forgot the "a" in Sheena's name. And I am okay with it. I am going to start calling her Sheen.

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