Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! While this is the year of the dragon for many, it is the year of the washer and dryer for the Ingram family. My washer and dryer are dying a slow painful death. The dryer especially is taking it hard. It was purchased used, refurbished. And boy it is in sorry shape for having been refurbished. It started with a C+ and is making no effort to improve it's grade. The washer has a very exclusive feature called "selective start". Only lucky people get this feature. It's when the washer will fill with water and then not start for hours. While it is in selective start mode, it also makes a funny rubbery smell that makes me just plain nervous. I told Ethan that sometime this year, our family is going to need some new textile management equipment.

Also something that will be needed this year is a solution for the boy's toy and crap storage. Violet will be in a big girl bed in a few months and that is when she will get to be sleeping in her own room and not the toy room. So the boy's toys will have to go. Anyone have any grand ideas for utilizing their extra space in their room and closet for storage? Maybe I can do my own little design reality show and have contestants make over their room in the spirit of efficiency? The winner gets nothing, just a high five for solving my problems for me.


  1. Ha! Before I got my new beauties, my washer also had selective start mode. That rubber smell was a permanent fixture in our lives for a good year. I wish you good luck in acquiring new ones. And when you do, I'll come over...and we can just stare at them.

  2. Oh good heavens. If you figure out the boy's toys and crap storage - let me in on it. it. is. taking. over. my. life. ...and "selective start" - that's awesome. :)