Sunday, January 15, 2012


Yesterday, while walking into the grocery store with my little curly blond pigtailed midget and I got a phone call from one of our very talented Relief Society teachers and she was asking me to do a favor for class. The lesson for this Sunday was about President George Albert Smith's personal creed. She asked if I would share my own personal creed with the class. I thanked her for the opportunity because this type of subject has been on my mind. What is it that I live by? What are the specific things I want to instill in the lives of my children? What type of person am I and what am I striving for? I decided to write it in the same style as President Smith's, beginning each sentence with "I would". How grateful I am for the opportunity I had to write up this personal creed. I will refer to this often in my life.

I would try to remember Heavenly Father in all I do, remembering that all things are for a reason and our betterment.

I would treat all people of different race, religion, sexual preference and social status with the same respect, acceptance and understanding as I would want for myself.

I would teach my children that everyone on this earth are God’s children and all are loved equally.

I would partake often of the scriptures and enjoy the teachings therein.

I would strengthen my testimony of the gospel by standing in holy places.

I would follow the prophets counsel by attending the temple as often as I my spirit needs it.

I would pay close attention to the opportunities I have to serve others.

I would use my time wisely, not wasting it on temporal things and always remember my charge as a wife and mother first.

I would remember my children are children of Heavenly Father and I would seek the Lord’s counsel in the best ways to care for, respect and nurture them.

I would honor and respect the priesthood of the worthy men in my life.

I would live a life of education, always seeking to learn more about the things that interest me and make me happy.

I would obey the Word of Wisdom, focusing on partaking of the good, healthful things God gave us for our strength and well-being.  

I would treat my body with respect, not over-indulging it or neglecting it’s muscle and organ health and improvement.

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