Monday, January 9, 2012


Dear balloons on the wall, I am glad you are here. You make Ethan's birthday better.

Dear Ethan, Happy Freaking 31st Birthday! While I love you, I don't love that you are claiming it is Birthday Week. Like I said earlier today, my birthday passes like a ship in the night, so I don't know why I need to participate in your birthday week.

Dear Caitlyn, I am so offended that you took the flower painting of Mallory's that I wanted.

Dear cookbook I am writing, I am in the process of evaluating you. I am realizing I shouldn't rush those recipes I have worked so hard on. They are mine. All mine. A piece of me. I need to make sure I give them their due process.

Dear dishwasher, pipe down, will ya? No need to let the whole house know you are doing your job.

Dear Jack, I am so excited for your basketball game tomorrow night!!! I love watching you play with your whole heart, really wanting to get better and better.

Dear Camelbak water bottle, you are cool. Glad you are mine.

Dear Camelbak backpack I bought on clearance 5 months ago that is sitting under my bed waiting to be used, I promise you will get your turn soon. Once this stupid weather isn't stupid anymore.

Dear Chocolate, lay off of me.

Dear Swimming Pool, I can't get enough of you. Your water is cool and blue. I love being able to stretch my whole body as I go through the water. I love that I have no music, just my thoughts. Thoughts of to-do lists, ideas, plans. I look so forward to doing laps and just thinking.

Dear Elder Ingram on a mission in the Carolinas, I can't wait for you to come home in a few months. We are all excited. I am especially excited to show you that I can make a BOMB Thai curry- better than Rosie Thai. We will feast.


  1. Who do these people think they are with the whole birthday week thing. Seriously.

  2. Love the last item on the list - he will, too :)

  3. Oh it's seven weeks left, in case you needed the exact count :D