Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Meakly Weel Plan

Until 6pm last night, I thought Jack started school on Wednesday. But it was actually today. So I had to do some laundry, find his lunchbox and have him transfer his school papers into his new Christmas backpack. I liked having him home for the break. He is funny, helpful- but he also likes to fight with his brother all the damn time. And he also likes to eat chips on my couches when that is totally against the rules. Now he is school and I am so afraid for summer.

Guess what? I quit soda a few weeks ago. I hated feeling the urge to have soda. Like it was in charge of me. So I quit. The first few days were tricky because I wanted it so bad, but I stuck to my guns and chugged water. Now, I don't need it at all. I am drinking lots of lots of water and I already notice such a difference. Like no crazy urge to have soda and my skin is nicer. Sure, I might have a soda when out to dinner or something, but no more Sonic and no more slave to the fizz. I win!

Oh yeah! This week's menu! I have forgotten all about it. Here it is. Maybe you get an idea or two? Natalie? Kalli? Where are your menus, slackers?

MONDAY: Leftover creamy chicken and rice soup and bread
TUESDAY: Seared salmon, roasted carrots and brown rice. Trying really hard to like brown rice as much as I like white rice. It's taking more time than I thought.
WEDNESDAY: Black bean and corn nachos.
THURSDAY: Sauteed shrimp, shallot and herb rice pilaf and roasted broccoli. Have you ever tried roasted broccoli? It will change your life.
FRIDAY: Thai yellow curry and quinoa. This is Jack's favorite thing right now.
SATURDAY: Waffles!
SUNDAY: Black bean soup and cornbread

And hey you. Post your weekly menu too. Post a link to it in the comments.

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  1. My menu is in a storage unit with the rest of my crap.