Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I am sitting in my bed enjoying a quiet house because Daddy Darling took the two littles somewhere. I actually don't even know where they are. I woke up at half past noon and they were gone. This morning, I woke up feeling exhausted. Like I-might-be getting-sick exhausted. I told Ethan of my plight and I told him I needed more sleep. I WILL NOT be getting sick. I have things to do, important things. Jack's basketball game is tonight and I was planning on a major big time hardcore workout at the gym tonight. I will not be interrupted by such things as a tired, achy body. So once the breakfast dishes were done and the house clean, I went to sleep. I will kill this thing. I haven't time for such frivolities as a body under the weather.

Would you like to hear a terrible, horrible story? It's a story about Van drinking his own pee. I know, terrible horrible. He peed in a cup in the shower and drank it, trying to make Jack laugh. It didn't make Jack laugh, it made him horrified and he ran downstairs in all his naked glory and told me about it. I yelled for Van to come downstairs and report to his disappointed mother. Van tried to play it off. "It's okay, I drank water after. No big deal." HA! No big deal??? You just drank your pee, dude! Ethan wasn't allowed to participate in the conversation with Van, because he couldn't stop laughing. But he did make himself useful and he took a picture of the scene.

I hope you can see my complete overwhelmed-ness in this photo. Because it's all authentic.


  1. OMG why? Why are kids so disgusting. Yesterday was my day of misery. Maria, who hasn't had an accident in weeks decided that she now likes to poop in her hands. She poops in her hands and then runs to show me her poop and while she runs more poop comes out of her butt. Seriously, there are no words! She did this twice yesterday? Seriously, who even poops twice in a day?

  2. A couple years ago Shane and Braiden were getting dressed for bed after a long night out with us. Shane was sitting on the floor putting his pants on and Braiden went over to him and peed on his head!
    Boys are gross! I don't know where they came from.

  3. Good news - urine is sterile! It's probably cleaner than the shower water he chugged afterward. And on another brighter side, if he finds himself stranded in the dry wilderness someday, he'll be ready to do what it takes to avoid dehydration.

  4. oh my! someone directed me to this blog post after reading about my night with my four boys on my blog. but, yours might be worse, although we've definitely been there! BOYS!!!

  5. I just died. I don't know what the heck I am going to do with a boy (penis...ack!).