Monday, January 2, 2012


Right now, it sounds like summer right now. My cul-de-sac has about 8 children running around, riding bikes and playing. And it's January. There is something fishy going on with this warm winter weather. Like it's the second coming or something. Everyday for the last month and a half (I AM NOT EXAGGERATING), I have woken up and checked the upcoming weather on my phone, always hoping for a blizzard. And I have been shut down each time. So sue me, I like snow.

I think it was Carina that introduced me to one of their family rules. "If someone invites you to go to Hawaii for free, you have to go." We are currently keeping that family rule. Ethan just landed in Maui. Or would I say ON Maui? I dunno. Either way, in or on, he is there. And I am not a bit bitter. I wanted him to go from the beginning. He is a hardworking man and he deserves some downtime on a tropical golf course in the sunshine.

Oh! By the way!!! My sister Haley had her baby! Claire Katherine Hall! And I deCLAIRE, she is the sweetest little thing I have held in a long time. I was the lucky one to get a phone call at 1:45 am from my sister who was laughing about her water breaking 9 days early. I climbed out of bed, put on shoes and didn't put on a bra and I drove over to her house to sit with her sleeping first born while her and her husband went to the hospital. As I drove over there, I couldn't stop smiling. These are the best moments of life. Driving down a deserted freeway in the middle of the night because I get a new niece. Life is good.

In closing, I need to get something off my chest. This has always been an issue, but lately, I just can't take it anymore. I cannot be silent. You need to know something. TOMS ARE ACTUALLY THE UGLIEST SHOES EVER. Phew! I said it! I don't care if they are comfortable or if free shoes are given to shoeless children if buy Toms. None of that makes them cute. It also doesn't make them cute if everyone around you wears them.

Okay, I am done now. Thanks for reading.


  1. Congrats on your new niece Whitney! I am totally with you on the "Tom's" thing. I get that the company is doing a super philanthropic thing by donating a pair of shoes for every pair they sell, who doesn't love that? But, that being said, they really are hideous (the shoes, not the company). I guess they have to be really utilitarian in style, since maybe they are sending them to third world countries? Who knows :)

    I loved reading your posts over at Rookie Cookie, and I love reading this blog too.
    Happy New Year to you and yours!


  2. lucky Ethan, i hope he is loving the golf on maui.

    i still like toms, but it's ok.

    yay for a new niece. sometimes i wish i had a sister....

  3. yeah on your new neice ... and i agree, toms are U-G-L-Y !!!

  4. I have a question.....what is it with women wearing toms to church? I get it if it were the only pair of shoes they owned, but really too church, really?

  5. Mom loves them. And forgives me for finding them visually, um, ick. So she is my favorite mom.

  6. Oh. And Crocs are WAY UGLIER.

  7. haha! i hear you on the toms BUT i own a pair. what is up with that? i wore them all over london (we walked EVERYWHERE) for eight days brand spankin' new and didn't get a single blister. awesome.

    i miss rookie cookie, glad i can catch you here! and i just found you on instagram too ... awesome!

  8. and i agree ... crocs are way uglier. like, WAY.

  9. I love my TOMS with my whole heart. My whole heart I tell you. I even own their sunglasses. Can we still be friends?

  10. AND I EVEN WEAR THEM TO CHURCH! Basically because I am lazy.