Friday, January 27, 2012


Weekend is looking like this:
Help Ethan with an event tonight. The soup one. Get his crew set up and then we drive to SLC for BRAD PAISLEY IN CONCERT! That was Ethan's birthday present from me a few weeks ago and now, the concert is finally here!

Spend Saturday doing some house cleaning (bathrooms, organize the horrid downstairs closet and if I am feeling ambitious, wipe down walls), a little grocery shopping and hopefully a luxurious afternoon nap.

Accept babysitting offer from sister Caitlyn and go get a quick bite to eat and then attend an endowment session at the Mount Timpanogos Temple.

Enjoy the long morning before Sunday church. I like 1:00 church, I have decided. Jack got to choose this Sunday's treat. Chocolate cupcakes. So we will make the cupcakes before church. And the chili too. Sunday's dinner is Redhill Chili and cornbread. Redhill Chili won we a prize at the ward chili cook-off years ago. I have completely revamped the old recipe and made it my own. The secret? Chorizo.

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  1. Have fun tonight! i made your chili for our ward cook off a couple months ago. Although my ward has how to explain this...bland/fast food taste buds that it did not win. Some white bean chili with way too much lime & overdone chicken won. Pshaw to them.