Monday, February 13, 2012

Answering the cookbook release question

I have been at this cookbook business for over a year now. At times, it has been fun. At times, it has been stressful. When I step back and look at this project, I feel awesome. It feels so good to have wanted to do something and then I just had the guts to do it. But then sometimes, I feel stupid. I had no clue what I was getting myself into. A cookbook is not a food blog. It can't be fixed, changed or gotten rid of completely. There needs to be exactness, continuity, variety. It isn't a matter or throwing a post up on a blog. It isn't a matter of making a recipe once and calling it good. While a cookbook isn't food blogging, I had a huge advantage of writing a food blog for so long. I know how to write a recipe well. But through this process, I have learned how much I don't know.

On a very regular basis, I get asked online or in person, when my book will be done. So many wonderful, supportive people want my recipes on their dining table and their family enjoying each bite. They trust me. They think I have the ability to get their picky eaters eating. That I can get everyone around the table. People, that type of trust overwhelms me. Not in a bad way though. I overwhelm myself. It's no one else's fault. I feel responsible to deliver a consistent, good product. I can't imagine not doing that.

The last few weeks have brought me to my knees in prayer. Yes, I have prayed about my stupid cookbook. I have had such concerns about the way I am doing this. I have been worried I have been rushing this. A rushed product is a sucky product. After a lot of conversation, thought and yes, prayers, I have decided to take a lot more time to get my book right. I cannot say when it will be done. I can say that I am giving myself at least another 6 months. Each recipe needs it's due process. And I feel really good about taking the necessary time to do it. And Sheena feels good about it too.

So to answer the frequent question: When will my cookbook be done? It will be done in late 2012. I want to have a fantastic cookbook for sale, not just a good cookbook. Thank you for your continued support and patience.


  1. I wanna signed first edition. :) Excited for you, friend.

  2. I was wondering this just the other day. I can't wait for when it does come to be. Peace.

  3. Good. Quite honestly I've been worried that you were rushing it and wouldn't be wholly pleased with the end product. I'm glad for you.

  4. LIke a good soup, books need to simmer. Good decision.