Thursday, February 2, 2012

At the moment

It is 6:20am. I am sitting at the kitchen table writing my day's to do list and enjoying some quiet before everyone and their needy needs wake up. I am also going to get in some writing for my book.

My leftover birthday cake is sitting on the counter. My bday was yesterday. Ethan MADE me a cake. A buttermilk cake soaked in simple syrup and then topped with fresh whipped cream. Up until yesterday, Ethan wasn't a baker. I am quite proud of him. While I was out to lunch with some friends, he saw the carton of buttermilk in the fridge and then looked up the recipe on my computer and made it exactly how I had written it. Adorable, really.

House is quite disheveled because it was my birthday. I really did take the day off. So today, my to do list includes vacuuming, lots of laundry, bed sheet changing, sweeping and general wiping of grimy surfaces. And we are also going to go to story time. Van loves it.

Formulating an email to Jack's teacher to let her know he now has to drink a lot more water. He has been getting bad headaches after school and our pediatrish said he is most likely very dehydrated. Poor little boy.

My legs are sore. And I like it. 4 miles last night at the gym.

Washing machine running. Gotta get some of Ethan's unders washed before he wakes up. Some how, he left about 4 pairs of unders in Hawaii, so I have been washing a lot lately.

Well, over and out. I have some writing to do. Hope your day is as productive as I am planning mine is going to be.


  1. i love being productive. like, LOVE it. i almost have a testimony that your "get up and get yourself ready for the day before all the kids wake up" idea would be a life changing experience for me. one day i will be there. (i'm a little embarrassed to admit my 9 month old isn't sleeping through the night... and i like to work out 1st thing in the morning, so i'd have to get up 2hrs before everyone). some day i will.