Wednesday, February 15, 2012

At the moment

My legs are tingling from working out. Do your legs do that?

I have a bowl of Nutella and pretzels sitting next to me. Post gym treat? A little counterproductive. Earlier today, I had the wonderful opportunity of introducing my neighbor Mistie to Nutella. SHE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT NUTELLA! I felt like I was changing her life. Like showing someone the Book of Mormon.

Ethan is playing a Civil War video game. It swears a lot. "Burn in hell, ya Yankee sons a bitches!" or "Over my dead body ya son of a bitch!" Yeah, video games like this are played after the kids are in bed.

I am still reeling over the news of a high school friend being hit by a car while riding his bicycle to work and being killed. On Valentines Day. 28 years old is way too young. And he had a cute new wife. I talked to both of them at a party a few months ago and I keep thinking about seeing him that night. Nice, successful, handsome and had a wife who was so in love with him. It was obvious. Now he is gone. Tragic.

Another loss is Whitney Houston. And it matters to me. Whitney Houston's career was in it's prime when I was a little girl. If someone asked me my name, they would almost always ask, "Whitney? Like Whitney Houston?" Her death reminds me of having to respond to that for years and years of my childhood.

My counter has a few grocery bags on it from a late night grocery run. My mom is having a knee scope tomorrow and I offered to bring by some vittles to get her and my dad through a few of their recoup days. I am going to make chili and cornbread, pasta salad with veggies, chicken and red wine vinaigrette and some banana walnut bread. That should hold them over for a few days.

All three of my children are tucked snug in their beds and peacefully sleeping. Recently, I have realized that my children sleeping as well as they do is a huge blessing. They have all been great sleepers from the get go. Sleeping through the night by 4 weeks and taking good naps everyday. Would you like to hate me? I get to take a nap with Van in my bed everyday for at least 2 hours. While they are great sleepers, they have their downfalls. Like I will bet you will never go to a house that is louder than mine. Screaming, yelling, wailing. They might be silent when sleeping, but they make up for it when they are awake.


  1. Last summer the 31 yr old wife of one of Paul's high school friends was killed while riding her road bike almost in front of Paul's parents house. She left 2 little girls, the youngest was like 11 months.

    So tragic. But it's not unlike Ethan's mom, and sometimes there can be happy endings mixed in with the sadness.

  2. And the pasta salad was great for brunch!

    Thank you again. <3

  3. yes, i hate you.
    jonas was a champion sleeper.
    ellie wasn't.
    piper thinks cat naps are the rage right now.

    shoot me.

  4. Is there something I need to know?
    Are you holding out on some big secret?
    WHY do your babies sleep through the night at 4 weeks old!
    Are you drugging them? If so, what are you using?!?!
    What do you do? Take me through a complete rundown of your evening activities during infant hood, please?

  5. I have said the same about my kiddos - great sleepers, but my house is most definitely the loudest house on our block! and..."like giving someone the book of mormon" bahahhahaha- love that! sorry to hear about your friend. that is tragic.