Wednesday, February 29, 2012

At the moment

There are tortilla chip crumbs EVERYWHERE. Thanks Violet.

Violet is talking to Grandma on the remote control. "Hi Gamma. Hi Gamma". Who needs toy phones when you have remote controls?

The boys are in the neighbor's backyard. Van refuses to be left behind.

Ethan is nursing a headache. He cannot be sick this weekend. Three events on Saturday!

Laundry is drying and more is waiting to be folded. Because of said laundry, dinner is waffles, so as to make folding more possible.

There is an herbal tea sample on my counter from an Etsy shop. I bought my sister in-law some fancy organic tea for her birthday and the seller sent a sample. Can't wait to try it tonight. Best: workout, shower and hot tea.

Sicilian Orange candle burning and doing it's job of killing Violet's diaper smell.

Little cars all over the floor. Van is in a monster truck phase right now and has been using Matchbox cars as the crushed cars. The monster truck rally was last weekend and it left a huge impression on him.

I am fairly certain I have broken my tail bone. I don't know how I did it, but it hurts like the dickens. I can't find a comfortable way to sit. I haven't been sitting at all. Just standing. Anyone ever had a broken tail bone? Or at least one that hurts? What do I do?


  1. my kids use bananas as phones. thanks to candace. i know you know who and what i am referring to. and i bruised my tailbone in high school from snowboarding. hurt like hell! had to sit in class. made it worse. i learned to slouch from that and have had the worst posture ever since. you just let it heal. took months. sorry. it really is the worst!