Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I have had enough with this ugly weather making everything ugly. My lawn, my house, my garage, my sky. So I took down all the winterish decor and put up green. Green for spring and green for St. Patrick's Day. I even crafted a bit. I know, so unlike me. A simple little garland for above the mirror in my living/dining/entry room area type place. That part of my house doesn't really have a name. I live in a tiny house.

Now I need to find a place for all the winterish decor. Because of said tiny house, there isn't much room for storage. 

After my quick case of crafting, I put the littles down for naps. Van obliged, Violet screamed like a little brat. But as usual, she gets her pink silky blanket in her clutches and it's off to dream land. Once they were asleep, I made dinner that I ended up wolfing down for lunch. Sesame udon noodles with chicken. Mmm hmm. 

Dinner needs to be done early so that it is ready to go when we get home from Jack's BBall game. It's his last one and he isn't lamenting it at all. He now wants to do karate. We shall see. The last time we tried karate, he decided after one trip to the dojo that it wasn't for him because he wasn't allowed to go all Jackie Chan and beat the punching bag to death. 

Later tonight, I am planning on a little date with my boyfriend Jim, I mean Gym. I won't lie, I have been a rockstar about going to the gym. 6 nights a week for the last 2 months. And if I can't go at night, I go during the day. More than losing the necessary 25 pounds left, I need to develop a habit. I need Gym to be a habit. Lucky for me, my husband is very supportive of my relationship with Gym. He, more often than not, is the one bathing our people, putting them to bed and cleaning up the house. So thanks Ethan. 

When I got together with Gym, I broke things off with Soda. I quit soda a few months ago and it has been extremely worth it. Benefits are:
-Better skin
-Less water retention. Wedding ring needs to be resized. 
-Better eating habits
-No money spent on soda
-Feeling awesome that I am in charge and Soda isn't. 

Soda was becoming a problem. He was more in charge of my life than me. I woke up wanting soda. I wanted soda with every meal. Soda was wearing the pants in our relationship. So I kicked him out. The first week was rough. He kept wanting to hang out. But I resisted and he finally quit knocking on my door. Now, it's me and Water and we are very happy together. Water and Gym make for a fine threesome. 

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