Sunday, February 26, 2012


Up early and dressed before everyone else
Rub husband's back to convince him to get up and get showered
Make scrambled eggs and buttered toast for the children
Little boys take a shower and wash off their stink
Van SCREAM because there is no hot water left
Little girl gets hair tamed
All little people get dressed in their Sunday best
Violet wears the cutest hand-me-down dress
Boys wear ties
Husband looks dashing in a purple striped shirt
All are loaded into the car and head to the stake center
Stake Conference is spent listening/chasing Violet around the halls
Boys won't stop asking for all my gum
Ethan finally heeding the Stake President's call to get signed up for Family Search indexing
Leave 10 minutes early to avoid the crowds that give Ethan anxiety
Drive home, get children undressed and make chicken sandwiches for lunch
Let everyone play and fight until nap time
Make a chocolate cake
Prep the brussel sprouts, brown the butter, toast the walnuts
Frost the cake with vanilla buttercream and quote lines from "The Muppet Movie" with Ethan
Shave chocolate on top of the cake
Ethan prep and roast big fat chickens
Jack play army and jump on the trampoline and beg to play on my phone
Violet awakes with a new radical hair-do
Parents and sister arrive for supper
Mom walks slow, still healing from knee scope
Mom brings me a new kitchen tool, a clever pot holder
Van awakes from his 4 hour nap
Ethan carves the chickens and makes the most succulent gravy
Everyone seated and we all marvel at the delicious meal before us
Mom names the gravy liquid bronze
Dad drowns his whole plate in the liquid bronze
Van cries a lot
Violet eats like a cave woman
Grandpa Jack quizes Little Jack on spelling words
Jack does awesome
Clean up commences and Mom and sister make quick work of it
Ethan whisks Violet upstairs for a bath and a nigh-night
Van yells at everyone
Jack cuddles up with Grandpa to watch the Oscars
Little boys head to bed
I use a tactic I never use and I bribe Van with a promise of candy to get him to go to bed
Continue to watch the Oscars with parents
Paint finger nails bright red, Mom chose color
Thrilled for Meryl
Annoyed by "The Artist"
In awe over Gwyneth's dress
Parents leave
Van still awake in his room due to 4 hour nap
Van allowed to come play downstairs
Van and Ethan play monster trucks for a long time
Van enjoying all the time alone with Daddy
Sitting on the couch menu planning and catching up on "The Office"
Laughing way too loud about Pam faking her water breaking
Trying to figure out clever meals to keep costs down
Getting tired and eager to go to bed
Good freaking day

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