Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I am pro-Valentines Day. I am not one of those people who refuse to fall prey to Hallmark and florists. Why? Because I like nice cards and flowers. Who just doesn't? This morning, I woke up to a nice card and flowers sitting on the kitchen table. And here is the card. Wow. 

What you don't see is the lovey, mushy love letter written on the inside. Fun fact: Ethan is in love with me.

Last night, I set out Valentines for the children. A box of dark chocolate for both of the boys and a pink and red candy corn purse for Violet. And all were given love letters. With the littles, I don't write a lot because they don't care. Just enough for them to look back in their childhood binder and see that Mom and Dad actually liked them. But for Jack, because he can read, I wrote him a long letter explaining all the reasons we just adore him. He was very grateful and was blushing. And he gave me a big hug. Sigh, I love 6 years old.

The rest of today is fairly dull. Laundry, making food for my people, trying to avoid treats, drinking a lot of water, cleaning up books, blocks and babies. Jack left down the driveway to the bus stop with his Valentines mailbox and Valentines in tow. He has one Valentine he wrote a love note on and signed it with a question mark. He has been in love with little Haylee since we moved in this neighborhood.

Tonight, Jack has a basketball game. I told him tonight's game will be romantic because it's Valentines Day. He looked at me like I am the most pathetic person he knows. Since his game is early tonight, I am going to make dinner and have it ready to go in the oven right as we walk in the door. Tortilla and black bean pie and Mexican rice. I am still debating whether to send the children home with Ethan after the game and stay at the gym and get in a quick work out.

Once the children are fed, bathed, played and read to, Valentines Dinner will commence. I don't know what Ethan has planned, but I do know it includes a ribeye, my favorite cut of steak. Medium rare please, a little more on the rare side.

What do you have planned for Valentines Day with your Valentines?

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