Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear Girls Gossiping At The Gym

My sister Megan wrote a letter to the douche bag in her Bikram yoga class and it was published on a yoga journal website. After reading it, I thought I would write my own letter of the same nature. 

Dear Girls Gossiping At The Gym,

I hate you. I hate that you take up 3 machines to casually pace and read People magazine and drink your Vitamin Water and gossip about everyone in the room.

I hate that you were talking about the girl in front of us. The girl who is there everyday and works that treadmill like a boss. She is probably pushing 200 pounds, but she is there, everyday. She is inspiring. She is sweating, working hard and focused. In the last few minutes of her workout, she bumped up her speed and was sprinting, giving her workout her all. And what did you do? You talked to each other about how fat she is. You are bitches.

Nevermind that you aren't doing a damn on your machines. Nevermind that all three of you weight about the same as her. Nevermind that you are so uncomfortable in your own skin that you have to talk about her instead of bumping up your speed and working off your insecurities.

I hate girls like you.

Love, Whitney


  1. I have wanted to do this so many times-why can't some women grow up!! Love this, I feel so much better after reading this. I may even copy this and tape it on their machine ;)

  2. I want to write a letter like this to the women in our ward/neighborhood who call my friends and I a clique bc we like to hang out together and our families get along. I hate that I feel like I'm in HS and I'm 32 years old.

  3. Amen sister! It's women like them who keep ladies like me feeling like I don't belong at the gym. There was this really nice girl one time though (who reminds me a ton of Joy the Baker) who came up and applauded me. Turns out she'd been where I was before and had lost it by hard work and determination.

    Total insecurities, those bitches.

    (Miss you in person, but this is pretty great on a regular basis.)