Friday, March 16, 2012

A few things.

Jack had a bit of oral surgery on Wednesday. It consisted of a total of 10 minutes, but was still considered surgery. You know the flap of skin that connects your upper lip to your gums? Jack's was enormous. So it was lazzzzzered. I got to watch the procedure and it was fascinating. I now see why boys like lasers. I also know why Luke Skywalker didn't bleed out when his dad lightsabered his hand off. Lasers are preferred because they are precise and cauterize while lasering. Jack was a champ. When they gave him a shot in his mouth, he didn't cry, he just squeezed the dickens out of my hand.

Right now, I am banana bread baking. When I ask Ethan, "Hey could you bring home some bananas?", I have like one small bunch in mind. But he goes to Costco and brings home two huge bunches. Those bananas turned and needed to be made into bread. So 5 loaves will be baked today. And I don't know who I am going to give them too. I owe lots of ward people treats, so that is what I will do with them.

Chocolate chip banana bread. I can eat a whole loaf on my own. Go me!

Yesterday, I went to Ikea with my littles. Van got to go to the kid play place and Violet stayed with me. Because of no brother bugging her, she got me all to herself. She ate pretzels, pointed to colors and had me sing all the songs she likes. "Mama! Rocka baby!" "Mama! Happy Birsday!" "Mama! Hicky dock!" 10 points to those who know what songs she is talking about.

Saturday is a big day for the Peterson family. St. Patrick's Day. A few days ago, my mom sent an invitation to her Irish feast. Grandma Sally came over from Ireland in her late teens and she was the typical Irish lady. Short, feisty and had an adorable Irish accent. An accent I didn't even hear until I saw home videos of her long after her death. On St. Patty's, we Irish folk have traditional Irish fare. No corned beef, Grandma Sal said she never had that until she came to the states. Instead, we have ham hocks, cabbage, colcannon and my mom's soda bread with extra caraway seeds. I was assigned an authentic Irish dessert. I searched around some Irish food blogs and found the perfect one. Strawberry and apple crumble. I am going to use my bunches of ramekins and make the crumble in those.

Last night was my area caucus meeting. What a time was had! It was long, drawn out and full of people that are either really knowledgable on the issues and a little overzealous or people that have no idea about anything. The best was the guy telling us all that public education is communist. WHAAAT!? Of course, Orinn Hatch was a hot issue. And education. People around here are funny. So many Utahns think our public education system is so screwed up and doesn't do a good job. Um, why don't you folks enroll your kids in the Southern California public education system and see how you feel about Utah then. You will think Utah is education's promised land.


  1. When those bananas start turning, peel and pop into the freezer. They are amazing in smoothies.

  2. Rock a bye baby, Happy Birthday and Hickery Dickery Dock, I'll take the 10 points in the form of banana bread :)