Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First love

A few weeks ago, my brother in-law Chad and his brand-spanking new wife Jordyn were over for Sunday dinner. After dinner, I stood at the sink scrubbing dishes and Jordyn said, "You know, as we were driving over here, I thought about how I have never heard how you and Ethan met." I then relayed the story. Cousin introduces us, we fall hard for each other. We take a few trips to California together. We go to his band's shows. We meet each other's friends. We stay up until all hours of the night laughing and talking. We decide that being married would be the best way to guarantee that we would get to hang out together all the time.

Jordyn then asked me a question that no one has ever asked me.

"Was he the first person you fell in love with?"

Her question kind of took me back a bit. How is it that no one has ever asked me this and I have never even thought about it until right now?

"Why yes, yes he is."

Heavens, I was 18 years old when I knew I loved him. I had never felt that way about another boy and I didn't doubt that that was called "love".

Shortly after we wanted to get married, we did. Los Angeles LDS Temple up on the hill on Santa Monica Blvd. 9 years later to the day, we are stilling plugging away at this marriage thing. We have been through some serious stuff. I mean, he cheated on me! Kidding, totally kidding, he didn't cheat on me. But we have been through some stuff. We have had great times, we have had not so great times. And through it all, I have grown to love him even more. How lucky for me that my first real love is the one I get to keep on loving.


  1. Love this!! Happy a! My honey and I are also celebrating nine years this year!

  2. I still love the story of how he told you he loved you. "Whitney, I am going to tell you something that will make your butt tight..." Oh that Ethan!