Sunday, March 11, 2012

Meakly Weel Plan

You have missed my weekly meal plans, haven't you? I knew it.

MONDAY: Ham and cheese frittata and roasted asparagus. This frittata is going in my cookbook.
TUESDAY: Fish (whatever looks good at the market tomorrow. I am hoping for orange roughy, my favorite), roasted broccoli and brown rice.
WEDNESDAY: Grilled tri-tip and bulgur pilaf with almonds and red bell peppers.
THURSDAY: Pasta with leftover tri-tip, red bell peppers and spinach
FRIDAY: Chicken noodle soup and rolls from Lehi Country Bakery (the best)
SATURDAY: Corned beef, cabbage, colcannon and my mom's Irish soda bread. Mom, I know you hate this. On St. Patrick's Day, I should be making my family ham hocks instead of corned beef, but Ethan likes corned beef. And I will do anything to please my man.
SUNDAY: Braised beef stew, good bread from Kneaders and then banana cream pie. Sundays are the day I make a treat. I think I am killing my family with my longing for chocolate on Sunday. So I am going to change it up.

This week, Ethan and I are going to attend our caucus meeting. I think we should be involved in our local and national politics. I am excited, but I am not sure for what.

I am also having a filling fixed this week. I hate the dentist. I hate getting shots in my mouth. Ugh. My first thought on this is "eff my life." Be it know I don't use the F-bomb, but I say it in my mind all the time, especially in regards to my teeth.


  1. I hear ya on the dentist! Going on Tuesday. I hate going when I'm pregnant. The levels of blood that I swallow are too much for my palate. Menu looks great!

  2. Oh Caucus meetings. They're a gas. Make sure you brush up on "Roberts Rules of Order."

  3. Also, I have missed your meal plans. Also, do you not eat leftovers? Or do leftovers count as fodder for lunch?

  4. 1. my dentist is my SIL so i like going to her.
    2. your menu sounds good and i would like to know how to make frittata.
    3. we don't do st patty's day. no reason, just don't.