Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meekly Weal Plan

Regular ol' Sunday night here. Just finished painting my nails bright red (Essie's A List), worked on my weekly menu and grocery list and we are watching "The Break Up".

We had Family Home Evening earlier. Jack requested we talk about Daniel in the lion's den. Van requested we sing "Follow The Prophet" and while we sang, he marched around the house "following the prophet". After FHE was vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. And then we engaged Jack in a rousing game of "Spell This". "Spell This" is when we spout off words for Jack to spell. People, I think I have an exceptional speller on my hands, but I can't tell because Jack is my first child. I mean, he can spell words like highchair, kitchen, journey and strawberry without hesitation. Is that really good for a 7 year old? I dunno.

This week's menu is as follows. I am cooking from my cookbook quite a bit. It's all apart of the editing process. Here, to convince you to buy my book when it comes out, I will highlight the ones in it.
MONDAY: Spaghetti with marinara sauce and toasted garlic bread.
TUESDAY: Sweet soy chicken and rice and steamed broccoli. This is for the children and Ethan. Me? I will be out with my mom and sisters at dinner and the KELLY CLARKSON concert! Oh yes, Kelly Clarkson.
WEDNESDAY: Cornbread and beef bake with potatoes and green chiles. One pan meal.
THURSDAY: Penne with arugula pesto and white beans. We call this Hulk pasta. People, arugula pesto is so much better than basil pesto. And MUCH cheaper. Lemme know if you want the recipe.
FRIDAY: Baked artichokes with lemon garlic mayo and bulgur pilaf. 
SATURDAY: My daddy's birthday party. BYOM and that will be Ethan's department.
SUNDAY: Roasted pork tenderloin with pomegranate mustard sauce, roasted potatoes, steamed green beans and molten chocolate cakes. 


  1. i have your frittata listed for tuesday and i'm going to perhaps make pizza too.

    i would like the pesto recipe. would you believe i've never tried arugula? i am so food immature. at least that is what ethan calls me.

    your cook book is going to rock.

    remind me to tell you about when i was chastised at walgreens for testing an essie color on my thumb nail. right now i have tart deco on my fingers and ole caliente on my toes.

  2. I think you do have an exceptional speller on your hands considering my 7 year old just asked me how to spell "cube"!

  3. Jealous you are going to a Kelly Clarkson concert!! SUPER jealous. Have fun for me... I am sure the fun will not be wasted..

  4. Yes please on the arugula pesto recipe!

  5. I have been following your blog and before this one Rookie Cookie but this is my first comment, I think. Anyways you completely inspired me to start doing weekly meal plans and now that I'm getting married this summer I'm even more dedicated to the cause. That penne with pesto recipe you posted above? I just had something very similar on my trip to Italy. It's delicious. PS: Will your cookbook be available in Europe?