Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On my mind...

That I feel like crap. I think I am getting sick. I hate how being sick halts my plans of productivity. Since I feel like crap, I am not at the gym and am instead sitting on the couch, watching "Restaurant: Impossible" and eating circus animal cookies. Gonna regret these damn cookies.

A friend finding about that her baby in utero has spina bifida. And her son already has spina bifida. I have been thinking about her all day. I keep thinking about how I would handle a situation like that. I keep thinking about how I can help. If I think about it all enough, I cry. My poor, sweet friend and the challenges her and her family are facing.

Weightloss, the pursuit of better health and natural beauty.

My mom's birthday on Monday. Mimi's Cafe for breakfast. I just finished wrapping her gift.

My three sisters that live in Utah. I am so blessed to have them. I love them all so much.

How I was a total B to Jack today. I apologized twice, but I still keeping thinking about how I can make it up to him.

That I want a bike SO BAD. I want to go on long weekend bike rides alone, evening bike rides with Jack, quick bike rides to my sister's house. My mom has said that if you send your righteous desires into the cosmos, they will often come to fruition. I sure hope that is right. Anyone wanna gimme a bike?

That there is such a lack of great food in the area I live in- American Fork and Lehi. This area is PLAGUED with sub-par, passionless chain restaurants. Provo has seen some significant improvement in their food and restaurant scene. But where I live, it's pathetic.


  1. Herriman is horrible too :( I am tired of driving so far to get a good meal out. Do you like flour girls?

  2. i love your blog. it's inspiring. just thought you should know.

  3. I hear you on the sub par restaurant thing. Twelve years ago, however, it was worse: Burgers or Pizza.

  4. I hope you are feeling better today!

    I am so sorry for your friend. I'm sure she is super educated, already having a babe with SB, but if she wants another resource my friends Sarah is the absolute best. Her 8 year old has it and Sarah is the most go-getter-mother I have ever met in my life. She is so involved and always learning and helping others learn as well. Katie does everything like wheelchair races and sports and she was recently crowned Jr. Miss Wheelchair California:)
    Her blog is here if you want to pass it along: