Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday To-Do

It is Tuesday. I have a few things on my to-do list:

1. Mop the kitchen floor. Violet is obsessed with letting her chocolate milk sippy cup slowly drip on the floor.

2. Fold that pesky basket of the laundry that is full of kitchen towels, Ethan's socks and Van's super hero t-shirts.

3. Make some baked penne with sausage, spinach and red bell peppers for a friend who's husband unexpectedly passed away a few weeks ago.

4. Make another baked penne for the hungry faces in my house.

5. Get to the gym tonight once everyone is bathed and the house is clean.

6. Maybe convince Ethan to take me and my two littles out to lunch. Kneaders? Half a veggie avocado sandwich without cheese on 12 grain hazelnut bread? And a lime tart?

7. Edit at least two recipes. Yesterday I edited two recipes. Roasted brussel sprouts with browned butter and slow-cooker roast beef with root vegetables and gravy.

8. Get bugged at Ethan for eating the last avocado.

9. Fix the Easter pennant banner that fell down.

10. Figure out what trail I can hike on Saturday. Since I hiked the Y last Saturday, I can't stop thinking about going hiking again this Saturday. Stewart Falls?

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