Thursday, March 29, 2012


When I am sick, I watch musicals. We have a pretty extensive collection, so my choices are many. Today's was "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers". I started buying lots of musicals years ago because I have convinced myself that my children will be more successful people in life if they are well-versed in classic musicals. Like when Jack is in high school, he will more easily obtain the lead roll of Curly, Professor Higgins, Wild Bill, Adam Pontipee or Don Lockwood.

Once again, I came downstairs today and Van was trying to make himself a nice, tall glass of chocolate water. He isn't strong enough to get the milk out (thank heavens), but he is strong enough to get the bottle of Hershey's syrup. The obvious alternative to milk is water, so he very logically makes himself chocolate water. Eww. He also has been enjoying string cheese dipped in Nutella. His idea, not mine.

There are two types of Ethans. A summer Ethan and a winter Ethan. Winter Ethan complains about the cold a lot and has sore, titanium-laden feet. Winter Ethan holes up inside and becomes a grouchy old man. Summer Ethan obsesses over his lawn and his golf game. Summer Ethan dreams about Dodger baseball and sunset summer nights. Summer Ethan is beginning to emerge from his cave. He is very well connected in the golfing community, so he gets free golf all over the place. He has been putting in 9 holes here and there and is anxious for his ankle sock tan lines to appear. Summer Ethan and I fight a lot about golfing all the damn time. It's always a contentious time when golf starts back up. Poor us.

Remember yesterday when I said I REALLY wanted a bike? Well, my mom texted me and asked if I wanted to use hers for while. Um, yes! So I now have a bike! Yeah for me! I have now given Ethan the job of finding me a used bike trailer so I can haul Van and Violet around. I can hardly wait.

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  1. I personally don't like musicals all that much but my mother ADORES Seven Brides so I have seen it many a time. And let me tell you, the name Dorcas still makes me laugh.