Sunday, April 1, 2012


Dear Weekend, weren't you a roller coaster.

Dear Strep Throat, you almost ruined my weekend.

Dear Steroid Shot and Antibiotics, thanks for stellar results.

Dear Canker Sore, go away. You are world record-sized and making everything terrible.

Dear Canker Spanker, work harder.

Dear Elder Scott, I am looking forward to printing off your conference talk and highlighting it and reading it over and over again.

Dear Elder Anderson, that story you told about that little family in Haiti and the children almost dying was almost more than I could bear. What an incredible story.

Dear Ingram Children, thank you for making this conference Sunday perfection. Truly, you were all angels.

Dear Natalie, Stefanie and Melissa, it was a blast catching up with you ladies. I am still reeling over how stupid I was in high school.

Dear Cookbook, I wish you would just edit yourself.

Dear Easter Baskets, I don't know if I have ever cared less about you more than I do now.

Dear Burt's Bee's Cough Drops, you are surprisingly effective and delicious.

Dear April Fool's Day, I had the best prank cooked up for Jack and I forgot to do it. In the middle of the night, I was going to move Violet into the Pack-n-Play in my room and then put Jack in Violet's crib. He would have woke up so bewildered. GAH! I wish I wouldn't have forgotten. Stupid strep.

Dear Baseball Video Games, you should just stop working so Ethan can't play you anymore.

Dear Legos, Jack has been building the most amazing things with you. His creativity and imagination are getting a good workout. I have been so worried about preserving Jack's elaborate, wonderful imagination and you are really helping with that. Thanks.

Dear Hell, Damn and Shit, stop coming out of my mouth. PLEASE.