Friday, April 13, 2012

A few things

We have had a lovely Spring Break. "Mirror Mirror", which was so good. This song is on repeat every night during dinner clean up. Also a hike to a beautiful waterfall in Pleasant Grove. A lovely picnic in the park with a dear friend and her sweet children. And lastly, a trip to Jump On It where I got into it with a stupid mother who had her nose in a book (I am certain it was "Twilight") and wasn't watching her over 4 feet children jumping around in the little kid section and Violet couldn't jump because they would have bounced her to the ceiling and I told them to go away and the mom got offended that I told her kids to move (her job, mind you) and we got into a bit of a heated scuffle and she tried to tattle on me to the management and then the management measured her giant kids and confirmed that I was in fact right and she looked stupid. And that was a huge run-on sentence. But a great story anyways. Worth the long sentence.

Jack's excellent teacher gave him her e-mail address so he could e-mail her during the break. This what his e-mail said.

dear   mrs    barton   how are you?! for easter i got a chocolate bunny. by the way what is 109+208? and i love you sososososososososososososososososososososososo much .

love jack

Adorable, right? Of course she wrote back and was so cute. We have really lucked out in the teacher department since Jack started school.

Violet has found a few new favorite foods. Avocados and red bell peppers. As she takes bites she says, "It's so good!". And by the way, she calls them "adocados".

Major League Baseball has started. You will rarely meet a Dodger fan as dedicated as my husband. He is no fair-weather fan. He has such faith in his Dodgies. Ethan watches the games on his iPad because Dish Network doesn't provide any way to watch the Dodgers. We can get Al Jazeera, but we can't get the Dodgers. Irritating.

I recently realized we didn't have any Beatles in our iTunes. That changed real quick. We have been listening to quite a bit of the Beatles now. "Can't Buy Me Love" is Van's favorite.

I have made lots of great headway with my cookbook. 45 recipes edited to my liking. To keep me motivated, I have left the printer on the kitchen table. It's so great to see my first draft binder filling up. I haven't been doing any recipe development, which I love doing, and I have missed it. So this week I have worked on a few new recipes for the book. Tonight was braised chicken thighs with mushrooms and onions. I am going to try it again. I didn't like the tarragon in it. Going to use good ol' thyme instead.

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  1. I watched the video and bought the song!

    The writing process is the fun part. Editing is a b***h. A necessary evil.