Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I am in a funk. I told that to Ethan and for a second, he thought I said, "I am in a f**k." Maybe it's the same thing.

My funk includes the following issues:
1. My frustration with the fact that I deprive myself of so many wonderful things to eat while most idiots around me prance about the planet being thin all the time and not having to take a moment to think about what they put in their mouths. Wouldn't it be nice.

2. When I feel like this, I miss soda. Coke Zero specifically.

3. My constant complaint- my jeans don't fit. But I ordered new ones last night.

4. My children saying they are bored. When they say that, the evil in me wants to snuff them. Okay, not snuff them, but kick them outside and tell them to never come back in.

5. My hair. I am "this close" to having Caitlyn cut off at least 4 inches. But I can't do that because my hair is my last asset and my one true beauty.

6. Paperwork. Occasionally, I have to deal with paperwork and I hate paperwork. Bills, forms, notices. SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE!

7. I have a general feeling of wanting to get the hell out. You know, like if you stay in your home around your people for one more minute, you might explode. I love my family, they are my life. But sometimes, I can't get away from them fast enough. I think I need a date night. Soon.

Those are my issues. They are so minor now that I see them written down. I need to put on my get-up pants and just do my damn job and stop complaining.


  1. Ha! Could have totally written this about my life too. Hope you get out if your f**k soon. Or your funk.

  2. Love your honesty, here's mine:

    1. Preach it, sister. BTW, I am convinced it really doesn't matter what I eat or how much I exercise in relation to my weight. I am training for a half marathon and was vegan for 6 weeks. The result? I gained weight! Lovely. My pipe dream that I would look like the mom at the pool I saw last summer with an ah-maz-ing body if I ran more is shot.

    4. I think I should have lived during the days of moms who would push their kids out the door in the AM to find something to do outside, only to have them return briefly for lunch and then dinner.

    6. yep.

    7. Maybe this is TMI, but I pretend having to use the bathroom if I need a break. I lock myself in the room with some good magazines and sometimes a drink and snack. Seriously.

    Yeah, you're right, they are seemingly minor in print when compared with war, famine, etc., but they are real complaints and don't downplay them. Being a mom is no joke, and if you don't allow yourself a good funk every now and then, you're not being human.