Monday, April 23, 2012

How to have a killer weekend

Instructions on how to have a killer weekend.

 Me, Kitty Cat, Jill and Kalli

Step 1: Go to an Ingrid Michaelson concert with a bevy of beauties- preferably Kalli, Jill and my sister Caitlyn. Before the concert, you go eat perfect Mexican food and drink lots of cold, cinnamony horchata. Ingrid will be mind-blowing. Amazing vocals, adorable personality and just an all around musical orgasm.

Step 2: Wrangle the laundry. Tshirts, socks, jammies, dirty rags, towels etc. Get the laundry done so the weekend is a seamless party. Also, once the children are all sleeping, make some vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting for the next days festivities.

Step 3: Wake up on Saturday and just get busy doing house cleaning. Just do it. You will be happier. Organize the closet from hell (I know you have one), dust, wipe, vacuum, sweep and have your littles help out so they learn to be worker bees and not lazy lumps on the couch.

Step 4: Start the task of gathering everything for "Pool Opening Swim Day" and the supplies to feed your people. Try to not forget your own underwear so that you aren't freezing after swimming.

Step 5: Drive the 45 minutes to Grandma and Grandpa's and listen to "Seussical" on the way. Once you are at Grandma and Grandpa's hurry and slather on the sunscreen and listen to your children complain about having to wait for the sunscreen to set in. Give them the green light and then from that point on, they will swim for about 4 hours before taking a break. Your daughter won't swim, she will walk around the pool and eat crackers and celery sticks.

Step 6: Your daughter will now be the star child and take a 3 hour nap. While she naps, you will swim a couple laps in the pool to get in some sort of exercise for the day. You will also lay on the trampoline and let the heat from the blacktop warm you up and put you to sleep for a bit. Ahhhhhh....

Step 7: Make two big pans of nachos for dinner. One chicken, the other vegetarian. If you can get some Cafe Rio dressing to put on top before eating, even better. Finish off your meal with a perfect cupcake.

Step 8: Put baby girl down for the night in the Pack-n-Play. Go back out to the pool and swim with your boys for a bit. A little bit of diving board and some slide and lots of catch with a football. You will tread water for about 30 minutes. Tired, but a good bit of exercise.

Step 9: Cheer loudly and congratulate your almost 4 year old for being brave to step off the pool steps and let the arm floaties do their job.

Step 10: Put your clothes back on, borrow some of your mom's socks and take your dad's huge plaid blanket and go sit on the pool chair. Turn on the disco pool lights as the sun sets and let your little boys swim naked. They have been waiting all day for this. Their little bums poke out of the water as they dive down to the bottom and you will laugh. They will enjoy the thrill of skinny dipping and giggle continuously.

Step 11: Give your boys the bad news at 9:30pm that it is time to leave. They will put on their jammies and eat one last pack of fruit snacks. They will kiss and thank Grandma and Grandpa and head out to the car. You will get baby girl from her Pack-n-Play slumber and buckle her in the carseat. You will turn on the usual quiet time music always played when you leave Grandma and Grandpa's (The Carpenters album "A Song For You") and all three will be asleep within 10 minutes.

Step 12: Get home and put everyone in their beds as dreams of sun and swimming dance in their heads. You yourself will take a super hot shower and wash your hair. You will climb in bed and feel so exhausted/happy/satisfied. And you will hope that a weekend like this comes again soon.

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  1. so fun! love ingrid michaelson - haven't heard any recent stuff, though! and that cupcake photo is awesome - instagram cookbook photos? i think yes!