Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let's talk about my productivity. Because someone has to hear how awesome I was today.

Currently, I have locked Jack out of the house. I just finished dishes, wiping, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming etc and the thought of him coming in and getting is dirtiness everywhere is more than I can bear. Eventually, I will have to open the door when Ethan gets home with the two littles. Until then, I will enjoy the quiet and clean.

Today, I took on a project that I assumed would take 30 minutes but ended up taking 2 hours. Cleaning Ethan's work grill. She is a huge grill. 6 feet and dirty as all get out. We needed to get her spiffed up for her debut at the ward Hogs and Dogs thing on Saturday. Hogs=bicycles, dogs=hotdogs. She was grimy beyond recognition and covered in crap. So we sprayed, vacuumed, wiped and wiped and wiped. Now she sits in the garage, clean as the day she was born aka assembled. Never again will we go that long without cleaning that grill. Since we were already dirty and covered in grill remnants, we cleaned out the garage and that now looks spectacular. The next item of spring cleaning will be Ethan's storage unit that is full of his catering equipment. Organizing, throwing away, sweeping out.

After all this cleaning business I was totally not anticipating, I announced that we are having pizza for dinner. I haven't eaten anything but brownies today. Almost a whole 9x13 inch pan. Let's just say it isn't the first time. And probably not the last.

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