Monday, April 16, 2012

A few things

Whenever I sit on the couch, I always put my hair up above the pillow- Superman cape-style. 

Monday, back to the grind. Oh wait, everyday is the grind. Kids don't sleep in or stop needing food 5 times a day.

This weekend wasn't special. Well, maybe it was. On Saturday, my sisters came over and took care of my people while Ethan and I went out to dinner and the temple. Dinner was sushi. Surprisingly good sushi. I had a Playboy roll. Tempura shrimp, avocado and tuna on top. Either I haven't been out to eat in a while or that was the best thing I have ever eaten.

Sunday was the usual conglomeration of being in the loudest ward in the whole church, pretzel crumbs in my church bag and a quick dose of spiritual inspiration. I put together a truly wonderful roast beef in the slow cooker and Ethan handled the gravy. I also made an orange cream cake in a bundt pan. Damn bundt pans. My cakes never come out whole. I ended up puzzle-piecing it back together and all was well. The cake was Ethan's new favorite. He likes really dense cakes in any flavor but chocolate. I made up the recipe as I was going along. Glad it turned out so well. Next time, I am going to double the orange syrup to pour over the cake when it is done.

My parent's open their pool this week and my mom says she is going to heat it to 89 degrees. Ahhhhhhh. So glad my parents have a pool. This means very good things for my people this summer. Every Friday will be swim day with my sisters and their kids. Our first swim is this Saturday and I haven't told my kids about it yet. I am hoping to use it as motivation to get their Saturday jobs done.

Well, now I am off to finish tidying my house, edit a recipe or two and maybe eat some ice cream before I have to pick up Jack from school. I sort of hate early day.

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