Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Today I am going to have a good day.

I am going to get over the last of my strep and celebrate by working my muscles and heart at the gym for the first time in a week.

Today I am going to be patient with my children and take time to be extra kind to them.

I am going to take Violet and Van to Target and we will buy a few essentials and walk around noting mundane things like Easter candy and cool toothbrushes.

Today I am going to try really hard to think about what I can do to help my neighbors and friends. It's always easier to care about my family, but today, I feel the need to be in tune with my neighbors and friends.

I am going to take a long 2 hour nap today and not feel guilty about it.

Today I am going to make potato soup for dinner and use lots of fresh herbs and butter.

Today I am going to edit a few of my cookbook recipes and get them "just right".

I am going to make popcorn for my children once Jack gets home from school. They love popcorn.

Today I am going to try and not be distracted by useless, meaningless things. I am going to focus on my tasks at hand and be the best me I can. Serve the people I love, fill my home with good things and be grateful for the life I lead.

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