Thursday, May 31, 2012

1st over

This guy is currently at school, finishing up his last day of 1st grade. On the way to school, we blasted the song he listened to on the way to school for the first day of 1st grade. Mika's "Love Today". Turns out we were late today because the school adjusted the start time for the Later Gators. But whatever. He only has to be at school for an hour and a half and then he gets to come home. After school, we will pack up a lunch and go to Neptune Park and enjoy the sunshine.

He finished the school year so strong. Straight A's in everything but not talking in class. Just like his mother. He had an exceptional teacher and good friends. I don't know how 2nd grade could top this year.

His summer plans include playing with a lot of friends, writing a book about himself as a superhero and swimming his brains out in Grandma Sue and Grandpa Jack's pool.

Sure do love this guy.


  1. Love this guy too! I am soo proud of him. give him a big juicy kiss on his cheek for me.. i know he will love that! ;)