Friday, May 18, 2012

At the moment

My two littles are slumbering peacefully in their little beds. Nap time usually happens without much incident. My children inherited their mother's ability to sleep.

I am so happy the weather got nasty. I have been nervous about Jack's class party and it got postponed until Monday. Why am I nervous about a bunch of punk 1st graders? I am certain mine is the biggest punk of them all too. Millie, I don't how you handled being room mom for as long as you did.

I have to a bit of food prep to do for a cooking class of sorts I am doing tonight. Almost 2 years ago, Krista had said she wanted to learn how to barbecue. I volunteered to teach her and now, finally, tonight is the night. I really enjoy teaching people how to cook. My sister Caitlyn is coming and she is always boatloads of fun.

Jack is having his second school lunch day in a row. Yesterday I didn't feel like making him lunch, so I told him that he was going to switch his usual Friday school lunch day to Thursday. Well, he was quite unsatisfied with the school lunch yesterday. Spaghetti with tomato sauce. The kid hates tomato sauce, which is so stupid. Nevertheless, I let him eat school lunch again today in hopes that the menu was more exciting.

I am wearing my Grandma Sally's engagement necklace. My Grandpa Erv gave to her when he asked her to marry him. How did I luck out that out of 6 granddaughters, I am the one that got it?

Satisfied that I spent an hour and a half folding 8 loads of laundry this morning. I hate that I let it get that out of control. While I folded, Violet played toys in my room. She found all the plastic animals and found a camel. I told her it was a camel. She then started holding it up to her eye and said, "Thay cheeths!" To Violet, camel=camera. I texted Ethan and told him about it and he responded, "I can't take that. Dammit, that's cute!"

Listening to Ingrid Michaelson and remembering how rad her concert was a few weeks ago. Caitlyn, are we still going to Rod Stewart in September? This is the year of the concert for me. So far, I have seen Brad Paisley, The Band Perry, Kelly Clarkson and Ingrid Michaelson. Hopefully Sugar Land and Stevie Nicks will also be on the list. And Rod! Oh Rod! I can just picture him prancing about the stage singing all of his classics.


  1. that is hilarious what your daughter said. Kids are fun. And I love me some Rod Stewart! Hope you get to go!

  2. I love also Rod Stewart music and have been blessed enough to see him in concert and meet . I Got my tix yesterday for his FC Party at CMA Fest!Hopefully this year concert tickets are easy to find . I have literally been telling everyone I know!