Thursday, May 3, 2012

A few things

My house is the most popular house in the neighborhood and mostly because I have no side fences and a big trampoline. In the afternoons, it isn't a rare thing for me to glance out the window and see someone jumping on the trampoline that isn't my child. I send them home, but not without a popsicle from the garage freezer.

Speaking of the garage freezer, Ethan has stocked it well. It's mostly little kid stuff. Like Twin Pops and Big Sticks. The drink part of the fridge isn't really anything. It was always my thing to fill it up with yummy drinks, but because I don't do the soda anymore, the drink fridge isn't even a thought in my mind.

So I recently clicked with the whole Costco thing. You know, like buying in bulk and saving money. It took me so long because I don't like feeling like cattle being herded through a store. Costco makes you feel like that. And the size of the carts makes me feel like a fat American. But, alas, money is king and it is cheaper for us to shop The Big C (as Natalie calls it). Even still, I keep to the basics, being very aware of how quickly you end up buying stupid things you don't need. Like all those containers of the chocolate covered nuts, packs of children's easy reader books or that giant teddy bear. You know the one. I often wonder how many times my weirdo husband has almost bought that bear. He does things like that.

After two little boys, turns out it is my daughter that is my wall-drawer. She will snatch any drawing utinsel her little eyes see. And with it, she scribbles on the walls. When I catch her, she throws her drawing utinsel and runs away. The little beast knows. She knows she is being naughty. She also likes to find a marker and a quiet corner and then draw all over her arms. You are thinking, "Hey dummy, stop leaving markers, crayons and pencils around." I KNOW!

My sister in-law has been buying up milk glass vases for me. She finds them for cheap at DI in Rexburg and then I plan on selling them to all the adorable top-knoted, nerd glasses-sporting hipsters for quadruple the price. All I have to do is slap the word "vintage" or "retro" in front of the words "milk glass vase" and they are sold in seconds. Suckers.


  1. I have 2 milk glass vases I've found at the thrift store down here. Because I'm awesome. And a vintage pyrex dish, double awesome.

    I just need my house to close so I can be the cool house in the neighborhood. Except we will have a fence. Because Luke is a loose cannon.

  2. this was cute, It's fun to get to know you this way :). When is the play group at the park again?

  3. hey wait, I wear a top knot AND glasses. But I would never buy milk glass from you....EVER!

  4. A trampoline with no fence? Our insurance company makes us have a fence and a padlock on the zipper!